How do you find readers?

For a long time I wrote for myself. I’ve got boxes of diaries to show for it. Writing kept me company, helped me make sense of things and was a nonjudgmental listener (most of the time). Now though, I want to share. Why? Because I like to read, and connecting through writing and reading makes being human, better.

Of course, it takes a lot more than uploading your writing to find readers. It takes marketing. And I want to like marketing, I really do. But it’s hard to like sometimes.

Marketing your self-published book

If you’re a writer then you’re probably a reader, too. And you probably have friends who are readers. Ask them!

I tell you, I have a lot of ideas thanks to my friends. Here are just a few questions I asked them:

1. What self-published authors do you know?

2. How did you discover them?

3. Do I really have to be on Facebook?

4. What do you think of my pen name? Title?

This is not rocket science, as they say. But writers can get a little shy and fearful about sharing sometimes. I’ve found that asking questions and talking about my novel is like superfood for my dreams. Yes, my friends’ support and honest answers are like kale.

Here are a few questions they told me I should be asking myself:

1. What genre is your book?

2. What is your marketing plan?

3. Why aren’t you on Facebook?

4. Where are you going to sell it?

DIY marketing plan

I also shared my DIY marketing plan with friends for feedback. I adapted it from a one-page template I found on the internet. I’ll share it with you shortly. Let’s just say they weren’t sure what to say. But they did offer to help.