This needs to happen now! Building a website in a day

Today I spent most of my Saturday along with $99 big ones on WordPress to make a website. This website. It will do. The main thing was that I get it done, because as you can see from this note, the first friend to review my marketing plan had some strong feedback:

Photo of a handwritten note that says "This needs to happen now"

Now, she said

I already had WordPress experience, so that helped me get it done. But even if you don’t, I think it’s doable in a weekend (and for free, if you don’t mind a few ads on your site).

Mapping out what you want on there helps. I looked at other author’s sites to figure it out.

You may want to model yourself after Hugh C. Howey and hope for a sliver of his scifi success. Or Colleen Hoover, whose smile makes her look like the nicest person in North America. Or, for an example from my local community, Ashley Schwellbach, whose book, Scourge of the Righteous Haddock has one of the most beautifully designed covers I’ve seen.

In a dream world, I’d have a website that matched the book that matched the swag that matched the book deal. But that takes more design skills than I can rock and a bigger budget than I can spare. So, this is it. Welcome to my website! I hope you like it.

Oh, yeah, I also signed onto Twitter today! It was a little nutty.

3 thoughts on “This needs to happen now! Building a website in a day

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  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Lauren. I wish I could take credit for the cover, but instead I just have to say I’m very, very lucky to know such talented people. (Both Lena Rushing, who created the artwork for the cover, and Mignon Khargie who actually designed it, are locals as well, which just blows my mind.) Good luck on this difficult/ thrilling/ insane process. Self-publishing is tough, but I think everyone who makes it through finds their own formula, and once you’re through your book is completely and entirely yours, which is utterly delightful.

    • Thanks for the note, Ashley! I am excited to do this thing and inspired by people like you who make it a collective event. Yet at the end of the day it is still delightfully our book out in the world, as you said.

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