DIY marketing plan: Draft 1

Admittedly, this is more of a to-do list than a marketing plan. But it’s a start and may help you get started, too. Of course, I welcome your suggestions! 

If You Have to Ask, by Lauren Kells

Target market: Women, 20-30 y.o. who read new adult, literary, coming of age and contemporary fiction. Also, maybe teachers.

Goals: Build relationships with 1,000 awesome readers. Sell 1,000 copies by December 2014.

Budget: Guy Kawasaki says $4,000 / I’m going to try $500.

Placement: Amazon only to maximize sales numbers (and Matchbook)


October 2013

Finalize blurbs (one sentence : one paragraph)
Kickstarter (?) to raise $4,000
Work with writing group on final draft

November 2013

Research blogs, like authors, literary agents
Website (WP) for Lauren Kells, include free chapter
Work with writing group on final draft

December 2013

Hire editor to review copy
Hire designer for book cover, admin access to WP
Professional e-book formatting
Final draft

January 2014

Upload to Amazon / ISBN
Add Amazon author page
Announce to friends and family
Create author profile on Goodreads
In-person marketing: branded sticky notes?

February 2014

Discount downloads available for limited time
Contact bloggers and authors to request and offer free copy for review
Blog posts on other sites
Paid advertising on sites that feature and review e-books
Order hard copies for myself and giveaways  / what local stores, libraries to carry
99u follow-up in terms of what made since conference

March 2014

Local readings?


Recruit beta readers for next book
Signed copies


About the book
About the author
First chapter
Invitations to readers
Requesting a signed copy
Book trailer
E-newsletter signup
Beta reader thanks
Posts about freelance collaborators