Rachel Dratch totally favorited my tweet!

When I launched this site last weekend I also launched a Twitter account. Facebook I can’t do, because it makes me feel, I dunno, alienated, but I totally get why people like it. For me, though, it’s like a trigger that touches on old feelings of otherness.

Anyway, on Twitter this week I’ve been working through feelings of manic enthusiasm (people are talking about current events!), paralyzing self-consciousness (how do I sum myself up for this profile?) and more moderate investigative curiosity (what to tweet? to who?).

Which brings me to Rachel Dratch, who single-handedly made me believe in social media when she favorited a tweet I sent her during my first week on Twitter, even though it had a typo.

Screenshot of a tweet

Rachel Dratch totally read my tweet and liked it

Thank you, Rachel, for making me feel like I’m doing something right!

Also, I really enjoyed your book, Girl Walks Into a Bar. Seriously, “Don’t wander into Haiti,” made me lose it big time. It felt good.

Finally, I hope writing a whole blog post about how Rachel Dratch favorited my tweet doesn’t kill my Twitter cred.

4 thoughts on “Rachel Dratch totally favorited my tweet!

  1. This is exciting!!! Love Rachel Dratch, and love that the foray into the Twittersphere produced something awesome so fast.

  2. L.K. – I don’t think it’s possible to lose “cred” on Twitter, especially since you are the real deal-eo.

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