Authors as entrepreneurs: Sisters are doing it for themselves*

And brothers, totally.

I’ve already mentioned the awesome series on PBS’ MediaShift that kicked me in the pants and made me feel like this project is doable. But I want to say more!

Jenny Shank wrote Two Novelists’ Love / Hate Relationship with Social Media for the series, and I totally get the title. I love it and I hate it! It’s fraught, much like the relationship between Jill and Jacob, my two main characters who, yes, both have names that start with ‘J’ – something that I kept meaning to change, but since I’ve now been hanging with them for so long, I can’t.

Anyway, in the article we meet Craig Lancaster, who I discovered, is a delightful writer with one of the most bad ass blog header photos I’ve ever seen.

Photo of Author Craig Lancaster

Craig Lancaster with a really big truck

I also like what he said here:

I had read all the advice about having a social-media presence and how that might make a prospective author more attractive to a publisher. But I didn’t really know how to go about doing that. I mean, it’s great if you have an audience like, say, Nathan Bransford, but I didn’t and don’t and probably won’t. I blogged because I wanted to chronicle the journey in a way that entertained me, if no one else.

Yes! That is how I feel about this project. Craig (if I may) went on to say that Facebook was a good match for him at a time, so that’s where our paths diverge. I just can’t you guys! Facebook makes me feel funny, and not in a good way.

David Abrams is also featured in the article. He said that social media helped him land an agent. Hello!

Also, his book Fobbit, is on my bookshelf. I received a complimentary copy at the American Library Association conference in Anaheim last year and am now inspired to move it to the top of my reading list.

* Funny thing. Most of the authors chronicled in the MediaShift series are men, although many of the helpful articles are written by women. Here are women who are rocking the self-publishing landscape who write about it: Belinda Williams, Aubrey Rose and of course, Amanda Hocking who has a thorough and very helpful post about self publishing with tons of links.

Also, Darcie Chan was featured in Mediatwits #93 of the MediaShift series. Hear more from her on Huffington Post.