Don’t apologize, especially to an egg

This morning I was making my famous poached eggs. When the six minutes was up and I was using the spatula to get them out of the water (because the slatted spoon was dirty), the egg slipped off and back into the water.

Sorry, I said.

Wait? Did I just apologize to an egg?

Stop saying sorry about creative output

Indeed, I had apologized to something with no feelings. Which leads me to apologizing in general, especially about our creative processes and outcomes. Why do it? It can be a big scary deal to put something out there. Go easy.

Photo of poached egg on wheat bread

Eggs have no feelings. Photo: lablascovegmenu

It can be hard though! I love Jhumpa Lahiri’s prose (and her writing room in Rome). I am so excited about Dave Egger‘s new book (and the graphic collaboration with Christoph Niemann). I read them and I’m like, okay, they are rocking writers.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a writer, too, right?

Inspiration, yes. Comparison, no. Here on out, I’m going to try to save apologies for when they are really warranted. Do you try to do the same? If so, how?

As for that egg, it was tasty.

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