Add gas! My favorite cheer of writerly support

Jennifer and Catherine are my writing group. The three of us found one another and formed our supportive triad at the beginning of 2013 (and Jennifer wrote about it). Now, at the end of the year, we’re sharing the first half of a first draft of our projects with one another. Success!

One highly successful model of a writers group involves brunch

Photo of Millenium Park in Chicago

Let’s imagine he’s rooting for us in Chicago

We typically get together once a month on Sunday morning for brunch, rotating who hosts. We take turns discussing one another’s work, offering encouragement and fantasizing about our writers’ huts. We eat pancakes and shirred eggs.

For us, three is the perfect number since we can each get feedback at every meeting.

When we’re in touch via email between visits, sometimes Jennifer will sign off with “Add gas!” This, she explained is a Chinese expression of encouragement, like shouting “Go, go!” at a game or “Do you best!” before a Scrabble tournament. I love it.

How do you offer advice to one another? What inspires you to keep going?