How flying on a trapeze made me believe in writing a book

There is something powerful about being a part of a group that supports one another, whether it’s a group of friends in your living room or an online class of like minded memoirists. Who’s not excited to see someone bring something to fruition? It makes your own goals seem possible when someone starts living their dream, and, philosophically speaking, this is how we make meaning.

Bonus: the seemingly little dreams matter just as much as the pie in the sky dreams.

It’s the doing that matters

Photo of a tree and clouds in Chicago

Closer to the clouds

For example, taking a weekend trip to Palm Springs with your best friend, is just as much as a goal as taking a year off to travel around the world with your husband. Keeping a potted plant alive in your house can be just as meaningful as learning to weave. It’s the doing it that matters: I have a desire, I’ve listened to my desire, I’m going to honor it.

These events add up and build confidence. I learned to fly on a trapeze a few years ago, a goal I’d harbored for years. After getting my tonsils out, a bummer of a medical experience, I decided it was the time to make it happen. I took a series of classes at Santa Monica Pier, and I loved it.

Somehow, that experience of learning to swing through the sky, supports my current goal: I will write and publish a novel.

Go Mighty is your cheer squad

A friend just turned me on to Go Mighty. It’s an inspiring place where (mostly) women set goals. Now, I’m one of them. Maybe you want to be, too?

The act of making a list, then making those things happen, is how they get done.