Why my husband doesn’t read my writing

I love my husband very much. That said, I do not always need or appreciate his opinion. This is true when it comes to my hair and my stories, among a few other things.

Photo of man with espresso reading.

That’s my guy, reading.

But why? He’s such a well-read guy with great taste

Yes, my husband is a reader. He majored in English, fine. He once subscribed to The New York Review of Books. Still, none of these things suggest that we need to pair up as writer and reader.

I like modern memoirs he likes dead English guys. Occasionally we meet up over Julian Barnes or Meg Wolitzer or Christopher Hitchens. But as you can see, I mostly cross into his territory, not he to mine. He’s not going to read Bossypants, ever, even though he watched 30 Rock with me for years.

I don’t want his opinion and he doesn’t want to give it

I have a writing group that makes my stories better. That’s why we get together. It’s intimate at times, but obviously nothing remotely as intimate as marriage. This simplifies giving feedback.

I admit that in the beginning I wanted wanted to share everything with my husband. But after a few awkward readings I realized that he wasn’t my reader. He doesn’t want the pressure of providing feedback and I don’t want to be compared to a dead English guy, so it works out fine.

Now you know.

What about you? Is your creative process or product something you want to share with your partner?

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