If You Have to Ask: An excerpt

It’s here! Thanks to some formatting love from a friend and designer, I’m excited to share an excerpt from If You Have to Ask. Take a read and decide if you think this love can last.

Meet Jill and Jacob

Here’s an excerpt of the excerpt:

Although Jacob and I weren’t a couple, we acted like one much of the time. I wanted to be official all of the time, and he wanted to be official none of the time, so it was a nice compromise. I was waiting for him to realize we were perfect, whatever perfect meant, since both of us were teachers with corresponding vacations and a commitment to abandoned students rather than entitled ones. Plus, we both drank tea instead of coffee and we both loved dogs. 

And, we loved each other very much.

Read more to get a sense of their physical connection, if you know what I mean. Read the excerpt: If You Have to Ask

Been there, felt that

You know when you’re totally into someone and have the best time together, but don’t know where you stand? That’s Jill and Jacob’s story. How long can you be best friends with benefits when at least one person is in love with the other?

The iffy-ness of their relationship and the frustration that Jill feels with their arrangement is what drives her to put all of her feelings on the table in a big way.

Am I sharing the right excerpt?

This excerpt is a selection from the first half of the novel. It’s not the very beginning, but it’s early on.

It’s difficult to know which few pages to share exactly. The first chapter? A middle bit? A part that reveals more of the story than say, a blurb? How do I share enough but not too much? Or is it impossible to show too much these days?

What do you think?

Read the excerpt: If You Have to Ask