I’m an atheist feminist who loves dairy.

Those damn Twitter bios. Some seem so expert, so effortless. Yet I edit mine constantly. Is this a reflection of my identity? My shifting identity? Wait, is it shifting? Am I shifty?

Who is Lauren Kells, really?

I use a pen name. It’s not an alternate identity, it’s not my Sasha Fierce, because it’s me writing. It’s just the thought of everyone out there in the internet universe knowing that it’s me, really me, that girl with the troubled teeth and very poor choices in boys, is too much. Not that anyone cares.

But I’ve always loved to write. I nurse the writing all the time, regardless of whether or not I’m getting it down. There is always a scene, a detail, some dialogue that I’m working out. And while it’s fun to write for my own comfort, I’ve begun to think it may be even more fun to write and find readers.


The scene of the blog.

Why are you here?

I’m here to figure this place out. I’m here because I found myself feeling a little jealous of people who were doing it, sharing their voices and putting it out there, making connections. I’m here because I’ve been busy writing stories about a girl who wants to feel in control of her new sexual self (Bea’s Notes), and a novel about a woman who has to navigate her love for an unavailable man (If You Have to Ask). I’m here because it’s easy now, to blog, to publish, to DIY.

More about atheism and feminism

I’m not trying to be splashy, these are core beliefs, central to my identity, that inform my writing. I believe that men and women are awesome and equal. I believe that this is it, there is no higher order, so we better make meaning now before it’s over. And, while we’re at it, let’s watch lots of Woody Allen movies.

No, I’m not going to get into a conversation about how I can be both a feminist and a Woody Allen fan.

If you like this, maybe you’ll like that

Part of the idea is that if you like the blog, you may like my other writing. My characters are often feminists, or at least struggling with cultural expectations of what it means to be a man or a woman. They may get an abortion and be fine with it or question the existence of God and be crushed about it. They may have close friendships with other women, the kind you miss in media. They may wonder about parenthood and whether or not their future is with a man or a woman.

So yes, I’m an atheist and a feminist who loves dairy. Also, wheat. I hope we can talk about these things kindly, together. If not, at least I’ve got my nome de plume.

This post is inspired by Zero to Hero. Do you like it? If so, please consider following my blog!

Also, I just read Brave New Bullying by Kristen Lamb. It’s given me more to think about when it comes to using a pen name.

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