We all feel like we’re not doing it right sometimes.

Yet if they’re doing it, why can’t we? That’s really what got me here, to this place, writing this blog and publishing my stuff. I am inspired by people who DIY. Eventually, that inspiration morphed into envy and here I am!

Outsider writing

It took blogging for a few months to figure out what I’m writing about. Okay, I’m still figuring it out.

But, I did realize through the process that I like to write for people who feel like maybe they’re not doing something in life right. Because we all feel that way. And while it can be painful, it can also be funny.

Like wearing your underwear to PE. Which I really did do while living in Sweden. I wanted to show off my new American Wonder Woman Underoos that I got on home leave! It made perfect sense at the time.

Photo of nun dolls

These Spanish nuns have each other.

Did you grow up overseas? Or move a lot?

I attribute this feeling of “Am I doing this right?” to my experience as a little girl moving every two years to different countries. Anyone who is a third culture kid may understand what I mean. It stays with you, this sense of questioning.

Am I doing it right? How are they doing it? If I do it their way will life be better?

Of course, the wonderful thing about being a new girl all the time is that you realize that there is no right, just a lot of different. I like that.

Are you a third culture kid? Were you new in school like, all the time? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “We all feel like we’re not doing it right sometimes.

  1. Very well expressed… If only more people realized “that there is no right, just a lot of different.” It would make things a lot easier for everyone, especially for us TCKs trying to figure out new places, cultures and people every few years!

    • I know, right? I find the hardest part are those internalized rules… Oh, I should be doing it this way. Wait. Why? I can do it this way, too. Or remembering to laugh and being okay with myself if I don’t get it right in a new place. How can we know when we’re new?

  2. I just wanted to pop my head in here and say that I’m so happy to see that your website is becoming more active. I knew it would be only a matter of a little time. And, I’m pleased to see that you brought the blog back to the home page! 😉

    As far as I can tell, you’re doing it right!

    • OMG it’s Patrick! I totally know you! Thanks for popping your head in with your encouragement. I thought of you today when I FINALLY mastered a little HMTL in my right sidebar widget and created those good looking social media icons. See you soon… (sigh).

  3. Lots of moving for me too…15 schools…some things I missed completely and some I dud multiple times…guess you get good at quickly working out what’s needed when you move lots don’t you think Lauren?

    • Totally, Susi. I bet we both can assess “the scene” very quickly, whether it be social, professional or otherwise. What do you want or need from me? Okay, I can figure that out. I’m adaptable.

      Also, FIFTEEN SCHOOLS. That’s so many!

  4. I had those experiences a lot just from moving around the country here in the states, so I can’t even begin to imagine what you went though. Thank you for sharing that experience!!! It was pretty cool.

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