Looking for love in too many places? Discovering new blogs

Photo of a Central Park walkI went on a internet walkabout this morning, looking for my blog peeps. Where are they? How do I find them? Am I using the right tags in my reader? There are a lot of blogs out there and there’s something for everyone, for sure. But sometimes you just want to feel a connection.

I just want to fall in readerly love!

Here are three encouraging blog discoveries I’ve made today that make me feel I may be on the right track. (The blog names are links.)

Katie: Librarian Lady

I work in a university library. Connection One. Katie is a serious reader. Connection Two. Well, okay, I’m an aspiring serious reader. But I could connect to Katie’s world, is what I’m trying to say. Friendly, curious, doing stuff.

I was inspired by 1) her friendly photo, 2) her ambitious reading accomplishments for 2013, and 3) her affiliation with the fabulous Library as Incubator Project. I’m not sure how discovered her blog – maybe via the tag “book reviews.”

The Printed YA Word

After finding Katie’s blog I realized I should use the tag “librarian” in my reader. That’s how I found Gretchen. She’s a book reviewer, who, like me, studied secondary education and wants to write a YA novel. In true librarian style (she’s working on her MLIS and will probably graduate this year), she’s researching the genre by reading a whole bunch of young adult (YA) literature.

Gretchen uses GIFs in all their amusing glory and writes really thoughtful reviews. Done. Follow.


I found Anthony Colon’s blog using the “coming of age” tag. Funny, he uses “coming of age” in quotation marks like that in his lovely short story, Kids. That’s one thing I’m trying to figure out for my own writing – is that a terms readers use? Is it a good way for people to find me? I’m not convinced I’ve got it yet, the right hook for people who may enjoy my writing.

I enjoyed Colon’s slice of life in his short story, which is an intimate, observant slice of life. We’ve all been there, watching, wondering, remembering. And his dialogue is brilliant. Check it out.

Inspired by Day 11 of Zero to Hero.

10 thoughts on “Looking for love in too many places? Discovering new blogs

  1. Lauren,
    You have opened up three new wonderful blogs to me. Thank you! Also I wanted to say writer to writer don’t spend too much time considering the “hook” to draw your reader in. In my experience writing (short to say the least!) I have found that just writing the stories that I want to write and are interesting to me is in itself the hook. Even though my stories are a bit dark, quirky, and existential in nature there is somebody out there that will actually read them! Who knew right? I’d place bets it’ll be similar for you:)
    Lady Harvey

    • Yes, you’re right! It is about writing what we want to write and then trusting that there are readers who are into it. I just hope to represent myself well in those few limited moments of evaluation!

      Dark, quirky, existential? That does sound good. Plus, it’s hard to beat a tagline that ends with “from a girl named Harvey”!

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