Twitter is no fun as a party of one.

Photo of people preparing for a party

Every party needs potatoes, too.

It takes people to make a party! I’m new to Twitter, but that much I know.

Twitter is a good place for sharing. You’ve got to be pithy, which is a parameter that may even encourage your creativity. It does mine. I must admit though, I’m still learning how to write a good tweet.

Better to share a conversation than a monologue

Sometimes I share, then… quiet. But sometimes I share, then… connect. I’ve been surprised and delighted to enjoy twitter conversations with people I’d never otherwise have access to. For example, I was excited chat with Jen Kirkman about her experience being on the road for her book, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself. We got to talking (okay, tweeting) after I wrote, I can totally take care of myself: On (not) having kids, which was a reflection on her book.

I share this story to say that Twitter can be fun! I’m working to figure it all out still, but hope to make it a place to continue conversations, share related links and continue to build community.

Let’s share and connect on Twitter together! I’m @namedlauren.

5 thoughts on “Twitter is no fun as a party of one.

  1. Yes I’m new to tweeting too. Interesting medium! Mostly using it to find work related things rather than much original tweeting myself yet. Enjoy all these new ways of communicating and playing with them.

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