Blurb survey results: We’ve got a winner!

Thank you for weighing in last month with your thoughts on the blurb for If You Have to Ask. Your votes and comments were very helpful!

I also look forward to your feedback once you’ve read the novel, too. It’s likely a reader will blurb the book better than I ever imagined.

If You Have to Ask by Lauren KellsHere’s the back cover blurb:

Jill is in love with her new teaching career in San Francisco. She’s also in love with her ex-boyfriend from college, who considers her a friend with benefits. Jill is patient with Jacob because he’s suffered so much loss in his past, but when he’s hired as the new teacher down the hall, she’s forced to deal with questions about their future and revelations about their past.

Here’s an excerpt:

The ache told me something was missing… I began to eat almonds in rapid succession, like how I imagined I’d smoke cigarettes in another version of my life, one after the other, just to fill myself with something. I was French, perhaps, a chain-smoking woman in command of her own destiny, one who can start the day with a single shot of espresso and complete disregard for what others think of her.

If You Have to Ask will be available later this month!