Book release party! If You Have to Ask is out in the world!

You’re invited to a book release party for If You Have to Ask, which is now available! Hooray!


No, that’s not true. I’ve always been optimistic and committed. But still, it’s exciting to have it be for reals really real. I hope you can join me to toast an indie accomplishment. And by indie I mean indie published, but community supported. It wouldn’t be here, existing on the interwebs, if it weren’t for many collaborators and supporters. Thank you.

CroquetParty details

Sunday, June 1, 3-6pm; Contact me for location

What to expect: Cocktails, snacks and print books for sale. I can autograph them if you like. We’ll set up croquet, too.

Can’t make it? Your support matters! Please consider reading the book and sharing your review online and with friends. Bonus! I’m giving away 10 free copies on Goodreads.

Thank you, friends

If this is in any order, it’s chronological:

Patient and honest early readers: 

Les Plesko, a writer and teacher who is missed by many

Derek Beumer, who makes both movies and jump shots

Those who inspired me with their entrepreneurial ways:

Michael Newman, who builds awesome things

Chrissy Smith who designs quirky paper and fabric goods

Anne Cabrinha who offers healing through acupuncture

Jason Singer who launched an amazing reading platform for teachers

Eagle-eyed later readers:

Jennifer Kan Martinez*, who shows you can always make time to write, even if it’s 3am

Catherine Watinas*, who has street cred as a critical reader and writer, and got me in the emoji game

Kristen Thorp, who is a killer librarian with a billowing reading list and stable of ambitious projects

Michele Wyngard, who has an observational wit that brings me to my knees

And, the closers:

I’m stoked about the design of the book, thanks to Marya Figueroa, and pumped about the forthcoming audio version, thanks to Doug Irion.

Yes, I just said stoked and pumped, because I was born in California. That’s a legit lexicon.

Of course, there are many others who have encouraged and supported this project. I’ve appreciated your encouraging check-ins, tech trouble-shooting, and more. Thank you.

* Jennifer and Catherine are talented writers with several fab projects going. Together we are a brunching writers group, for which I am grateful.