Free short story on figuring out first times: Bea’s Notes, May 29-31

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Bea, a university bio student, is approaching her new love life methodically. Want to know more about her quest to have a fulfilling experience with her maybe boyfriend?

Find out free! Bea’s Notes is free to download May 29-31. I’d love to know what you think of the story, so please let me know.

I’m delighted that Bea’s Notes was featured today on Freebooksy!

Hooray for reading and for discovering new authors!

More about the story: Bea is a transfer student at a mid-tier public university in California. She’s happy to have left home to study biology and live in a dorm with four girls crammed into one tiny room. She is even happier to finally be doing it. Unknown to Peter, her maybe boyfriend, she is keeping notes, just like she does for biology class, so that she has a baseline for their new experiment in getting it on.