Curb your entitlement

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What do you think about adding entitlement to the list, big guy?

Thou shalt not be entitled. Wait, I think I’m referencing ten commandments language for the seven deadly sins? I’m an atheist, please forgive me. Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with atheism, just ignorance.

That aside, based on yesterday’s t-shirt fiasco and ensuing existential breakdown, I’d like to suggest we all curb our entitlement. It’s getting gross.

Seriously, if we stop thinking about life in terms of what we deserve and start considering that we’re in this together, this would be a more peaceful place. Do you agree? United States, I’m looking at you.

Inspired by the Daily Post.

5 thoughts on “Curb your entitlement

  1. Oh wow, yes!! Entitlement. It’s everywhere! I wonder if this is the fall-out from the “everybody gets a ribbon” mentality that seems to be prevalent in the school system these days. When I was in school there was the kid that won the race and the kids that didn’t. Those who weren’t good at running found something else to do that they were good at. No more. Wouldn’t want to harm their sense of entitlement, now, would we! A teacher friend of mine called this the “min effort” generation: they do the minimum possible to get the same thing everyone else gets. How do we find the true talents in a group that has been taught that extra effort and talent have no extrinsic value? Greatness goes un-noticed, while mediocrity is applauded?

    • Ah, I hadn’t thought of this! It seems like it could be related, for sure. This idea that we need to be recognized for everything can certainly foster entitlement. I appreciate your question, too, about how to truly support the “min effort gen” in ways that reveal their true talents, both for their own benefit and for the world around them. It seems like it would involve a crisis of identity at a fundamental level. But if people were willing to withstand that uncertainty, it could reveal a more satisfying existence where we are all okay with being okay at certain things, and better at others.

  2. A hand open to give is also able to receive. If we leave the entitlement mentality behind and are open to giving, we will ultimately receive untold blessings. – Fawn

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