A ten minute walk through the imaginary woods

Photo of new growth on redwood treeIf you walk through the woods in your mind, woods that you have walked through before, in reality, in real time, are you imagining those woods? Or are you simply remembering them?

What if I’m walking through those woods, the woods with towering redwoods and the sweet summer smell of dust and needles, as an itty bitty person? I’m still me, just a teeny tiny me. What would I see?

It’s the new growth I like the most. The bright green of new needles that could make for a gently curved bed. I could lie down on the little tree arm and take a nap. It would smell so sweet. So pine-y.

But I like the clover too. The clover that looks like a ground blanket to big people, to usually sized people, but that is a series of umbrellas to me, providing dappled shade at the height of the day. It’s true that the sun doesn’t often get through the canopy, which I can barely see since it’s never-ending. It nearly touches the moon, I think. But when a little light does come through, it makes the clover umbrellas seem like a resort on the shore of the sea in the South of France.

Instead, I am a tiny me in Big Sur, revisiting paths I have walked before, but from a new perspective.

Thanks, Daily Post + photo library.

2 thoughts on “A ten minute walk through the imaginary woods

  1. That was an awesome read…i wish there was more! I was there from the first question…it made me think. Then as an itty bitty person, I was right beside you, exploring… and the canopy…. I wanted to stay there. I wanted to stay itty bitty. The imagery you created was beautiful!

    • I wanted to stay itty bitty, too! Funny that being tiny feels freeing… Finding a photo helped me frame the 10 minute free write and revisit (imagine?) a great trip to Big Sur. Also, I love your header image of the airplane wing on your blog.

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