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I enjoy eating dairy and gluten. I read a serious amount of memoirs, but not always about serious people. I love a good dance party.

The early years

I was a very tall nine-year-old with messed up teeth. My parents bought me my first diary in 1986 while we were on a road trip from Texas to California on our way to the Philippines. Just one year later I wrote a memoir titled What Will Happen Next? with the help of my grandma.

I had an adventurous international childhood. I wore my underwear as a PE uniform in Sweden and was a first grade atheist at a Catholic school in South Africa. Then my parents split up and things got domestic.

Lauren Kells

My knowing look. Illustration: Brenna


I’m in California with my musical husband. I like laughing with my girlfriends, drinking real deal espresso and walking to work. One day, I’d like to have a dog, probably one of those hypoallergenic ones.

I’ve either studied or worked at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Humboldt State University, MIT and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. My writing has been an editor’s pick on Medium and featured on KCPR.

I’m working on a collection of essays about being a third culture kid, also known as a perpetual outsider who lives everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Just FYI, I’m super glad you’re here.


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A note on community

This blog community welcomes:

  • Curious, kind critical thinkers
  • Believers in feminist friendship
  • Fans of dairy and gluten

Okay, the last tenet is optional.

But seriously… no meanies, no bullies, no hate.