How I finally published a novel I started 10 years ago… with a kick in the pants from 99U

Photo of 99U

Making stuff in a 99U Conference workshop, 2013.

Scene: Two women in an espresso shop.

Woman #1 (sipping giant latte): You’ve gotten a lot done this year.

Woman #2 (staring longingly at tiny, empty espresso cup): Yeah.

Woman #1: I mean you’ve really charged. You’ve made a lot of things happen.

Woman #2: Hey, yeah, you know, thanks. 

Seriously, thanks. Sometimes it takes someone else to point stuff out to you, you know?

There have been many friends cheering me on from the start, offering their support in all sorts of ways, including creatively. I need that. We all need that. Sometimes, you’re not sure where to look for it, am I right?

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