Goodreads giveaway! Enter now to win a free, signed copy


Your very own copy via snail mail!

If You Have to Ask is currently on Goodreads as a giveaway! Hooray for free!

Enter now to win.

There will be 10 lucky winners. If one of them is you, I’ll mail a signed copy to your house. Or business. Or wherever you want. As long as it’s in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. I won’t mail to space, even though it would be super awesome if someone (or something) in space read my book.

The contest runs through June 15. Tell your friends! Then maybe we can have a book club together.


Book release party! If You Have to Ask is out in the world!

You’re invited to a book release party for If You Have to Ask, which is now available! Hooray!


No, that’s not true. I’ve always been optimistic and committed. But still, it’s exciting to have it be for reals really real. I hope you can join me to toast an indie accomplishment. And by indie I mean indie published, but community supported. It wouldn’t be here, existing on the interwebs, if it weren’t for many collaborators and supporters. Thank you.

CroquetParty details

Sunday, June 1, 3-6pm; Contact me for location

What to expect: Cocktails, snacks and print books for sale. I can autograph them if you like. We’ll set up croquet, too.

Can’t make it? Your support matters! Please consider reading the book and sharing your review online and with friends. Bonus! I’m giving away 10 free copies on Goodreads.

Thank you, friends

If this is in any order, it’s chronological:

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