Can we be kind all the time? Really?

I’m all for kindness. It’s a big deal. It’s a gesture of our shared humanity, a nod to how hard things can be. But that’s just it. Life as a human can be hard. So why expect that people be on their best behavior ALL THE TIME? Isn’t the expectation of universal, 24/7 kindness a form of oppressive perfectionism that gets in the way of our humanity?

Sometimes things suck and we can’t spare a smile. I think the world can deal with this. It’s not an affront. I’d rather know reality than a weird sunshine-y rainbow version of your day.

This isn’t meant to be a rant so much as a demonstration of concern. I work with young adults (new adults?) – college students – and there is a culture of positivism that threatens to crowd out real feelings. Being in your early twenties can be a tough time.

Even more importantly, there isn’t a universal experience. Not everyone has had kindness shown to them. Not everyone has had a charmed upbringing. Not everyone feels like the world is theirs for the taking. The culture of positivism seems dangerously like a culture of privilege. Or, a means of denying our full humanity.

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If You Have to Ask: An excerpt

It’s here! Thanks to some formatting love from a friend and designer, I’m excited to share an excerpt from If You Have to Ask. Take a read and decide if you think this love can last.

Meet Jill and Jacob

Here’s an excerpt of the excerpt:

Although Jacob and I weren’t a couple, we acted like one much of the time. I wanted to be official all of the time, and he wanted to be official none of the time, so it was a nice compromise. I was waiting for him to realize we were perfect, whatever perfect meant, since both of us were teachers with corresponding vacations and a commitment to abandoned students rather than entitled ones. Plus, we both drank tea instead of coffee and we both loved dogs. 

And, we loved each other very much.

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