Curb your entitlement

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What do you think about adding entitlement to the list, big guy?

Thou shalt not be entitled. Wait, I think I’m referencing ten commandments language for the seven deadly sins? I’m an atheist, please forgive me. Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with atheism, just ignorance.

That aside, based on yesterday’s t-shirt fiasco and ensuing existential breakdown, I’d like to suggest we all curb our entitlement. It’s getting gross.

Seriously, if we stop thinking about life in terms of what we deserve and start considering that we’re in this together, this would be a more peaceful place. Do you agree? United States, I’m looking at you.

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I had an existential breakdown and all I have to show for it is this stupid t-shirt

I surprised myself by totally getting into the World Cup earlier this summer. Upon reflection, I think it was mostly an extension of missing L.A. and the diversity that it offers. I felt a wave of excitement and relief when Univision would pan the fans in the stadium. Oh, look! IT’S THE WORLD.

I share that as an example of how team sports can unite us. I get it.

That aside, I’ve been struggling lately. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’ve been having a hard time with our bucolic town, our oddly blonde campus.

Example #1 of 1

I’m walking by the track as a group of student athletes finishes practice. I notice a young man in a t-shirt. On the back, in all caps it says: EXPECT TO WIN.

I can’t overstate the despair I felt when reading this t-shirt. Anyone else? Does it gross you out a little bit? Or does it make perfect sense as a psychological imperative for athletes? Does my recoil speak to why team sports freaked me out when I was younger? Or at least explain why they weren’t a match for me? Or is it a reflection of more, of the entitlement some athletes feel? Of capitalism?

Seriously, this t-shirt got me down. I wonder, if our campus didn’t often feel so homogenous, so privileged, if it would have hit me the same way. It’s an honest question. I mean, would the t-shirt have any less impact in L.A.? I dunno. Do you?

I’m interested in your thoughts to any of these questions, or your own examples.

Actually, living in a cute college town has some down sides. Let’s make a list.

Ah, graduation. A time to celebrate an important entry into adulthood. With this momentous time in mind, I’d like to reflect on red plastic cups in the bushes, and other realities of living in a student neighborhood.


Ithaca, New York is often rated the #1 college town.


Admittedly, I knew a lot in college. Possibly everything. Certainly much more than I know now. That’s because I had shit figured out. Where the man went wrong, where the government went wrong, where the world went wrong. I was also pretty sure I could live on $7 an hour forever.

Now the only things I know for sure are that 1) I will continue to eat dairy no matter how lactose intolerant I may become and 2) we’re all going to die.

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